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Mark Zdobinski
Owner, Winemaker
Jim Meeks
Owner, Vineyard Mgr.
In the fall of 2014, two couples purchased a 124-year-old Brick Schoolhouse located on the north side of Eaton, Ohio. Work began transforming the old pasture into a vineyard with over 400 posts, 3 miles of wire, and 1,000 grape vines. Meanwhile, renovation began inside the building to create the production room, and beautiful tasting room.

The Schoolhouse was built in 1890 and it was known as Oklahoma Schoolhouse No. 4. The school was used for about 30 years until it was closed and the property went back to the original owners, the Montgomery family. The Montgomery’s renovated and added on to the building sometime in the 1940’s, and started the Mason Montgomery’s Sons Seed Company. The Seed company operated until the late 1960’s. The building was then used for agricultural use for a short time, and then sat vacant for another 35 years.

Now, after another renovation, this old building has a new life and is home to Preble County’s first and only winery. Experience the beautiful up-scale tasting room featuring internationally award-winning wines made on site. Take a free tour and learn more. Relax and enjoy the outdoor patio with live music on the weekends.
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